Common Divorce Myths

Getting divorced is never easy, especially when children are involved or when you still love your partner. However, it is inevitable in some relationships, therefore, planning for the impending divorce is important. Part of planning means learning that many divorce myths exist and what the truth is behind them. When you know the myths, it’s easy to get the legal representation that you need with the best anaheim lawyer so your divorce is finalized sooner.

Some of the most common divorce-related myths:

I Don’t Need a Lawyer

Maybe you’ve watched ever Law & Order episode made and read 100 true crime books. But, that doesn’t make you a lawyer and you shouldn’t pretend to have the expertise to handle such an important matter in court. Lawyers not only ensure that you get the best legal representation possible but they also provide peace of mind in your case.

I Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Although you may have a million other things you’d rather spend the money you pay for a lawyer on, it’s not out of most budgets. Many lawyers set up payment arrangements to ease the cost burdens for their clients. It’s free to consult with a lawyer so don’t assume that you cannot afford the rates.

Meditation Doesn’t Work

Many couples planning a divorce use meditation to help them with things. Even when the relationship isn’t mendable, meditation can make things more amicable between the parties, which is important for many reasons, particularly when children are involved.

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Many divorce myths exist, including those above. Don’t believe everything that you hear because so much of the things that you hear may not be the truth as it is told. Make sure you learn the truth. As they say, the truth shall set you free, especially during a difficult time like this.


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